About Social Media Speaker Neal Schaffer

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Neal-Schaffer-Headshot-Optimized-200x300A Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer two years in a row and creator of the leading social media for business blog Maximize Social Business, Neal is a global social media speaker who has spoken on three continents and also teaches as part of the Rutgers University Mini Social Media MBA Program. As an author, Neal is best known for his definitive book on social media strategy creation, implementation, and optimization “Maximize Your Social: A One-Stop Guide to Building a Social Media Strategy for Marketing and Business Success” (Wiley)  but has also published two other award-winning and critically acclaimed social media books: ”Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing” and “Windmill Networking: Maximizing LinkedIn.”

As a leading social media speaker, Neal currently speaks on social media at dozens of corporate, professional association, and online events each year. In parallel, he continues to consult with, coach, and train clients on strategically leveraging social media for their business. Since launching his social media strategy consulting business in January, 2010, Neal has worked with dozens of companies, from small startups and solopreneurs to Fortune 500 enterprises and a Grammy Award-winning celebrity.

Neal works with clients seeking his social media expertise in the following ways:

Social Media Strategy Consultant - Neal works with companies in auditing their current social media efforts company-wide and creating a comprehensive social media strategy that aligns corporate objectives with the potential for social business. For smaller businesses who need to have an expert social media advisor on call for practical advice, Neal offers this service at reasonable rates to help as many companies as possible with their social media.

Social Media Speaker - Whether it’s a keynote speech, presentation for a professional association or a hands-on workshop for an internal audience, Neal delivers customized content with concrete takeaways to meet your needs.

Social Media Content Creator – Need a recognized social media author to ghostwrite or help in writing a social media book, ebook, whitepaper, or magazine article for your organization or enterprise? Neal is available for such work.

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Customer Testimonials

Neal brings his passion, experience and creativity to help us embrace social media for our company. Neal’s energy and expertise prove to be critical for us as we developed our comprehensive social media strategy in a collaborative meaningful endeavor. We continue to consult with Neal as we navigate this new frontier of social media. Thank you Neal. – Ed Aschoff, CEO, Dansure

Best investment I made this year was hiring Neal Schaffer as a Social Media Marketing consultant. He’s brilliant, and a really good guy to boot. – Joe Rogers, CEO, American Joe

About two years ago we launched our company based on a business model recommended by Neal in a consulting engagement. The results have been fantastic. Based on Neal’s recommended social media strategies we have grown from zero members to the point where thousands of the key decision-makers in our industry are members and visit our website each day. Our revenues have exceeded many times our original goals. I can’t say enough about how much Neal’s work helped us getting to where we are today. - Rusty Braziel, President, RBN Energy

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McDermott & Bull Forum – Neal Schaffer [Video] (February 24, 2010)

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