Maximizing LinkedIn Audiobook Preview Giveaway

Neal Schaffer Maximize Your Social Audiobook Setup
The setup for the audiobook recording of Maximize Your Social.

I’m looking forward to presenting at the New Media Expo (NMX) in Las Vegas on January, 2014 on the topic of Making Audio Books With Audible’s Audiobook Creation Exchange. I am a fan of audio based social media marketing, launching my own podcast Maximize Your Social earlier this year. You can find out all of the reasons why I started my podcast, appropriately, by listening to my first episode below!

I am also a fan of audiobooks, making the strategic decision to publish my 2nd self-published book, Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing, in audiobook form. I will be discussing the process I took to create this LinkedIn audiobook – as well as the results – during my presentation at New Media Expo. For those of you curious, as you can see from the image above, I did personally record the audiobook version of Maximize Your Social in a local studio and look forward to seeing it available on Audible in the near future.

As a special bonus for my blog readers, I have teamed up with the NMX team to give away free audio recordings of the first several chapters of my aforementioned book on LinkedIn. This LinkedIn audiobook giveaway is only available during the 12 Days of Giveaways (translation: you can probably only download it over the next week or so), so if you’re interested in learning how to maximize your presence on LinkedIn, grab your free audio downloads now by clicking this link (note: requires registration, but hopefully a small price to pay for the content!). Even if you already own the audiobook for my book, note that these free chapters were personally recorded by me and not by an audio professional, so they should give you a different “personal” feel for my content.

Do you regularly listen to podcasts? Have you ever bought an audiobook? When and where do you listen to this audio content? Would appreciate learning more about YOU! Thanks!


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    Hey Neal, audio works well when you spend a fair amount of time traveling around the vast urban jungle of London! It’s great to learn while on the move – so that you can make every waking minute a productive one.

    I have a question for you regarding your books… I’ve just ordered a copy of Maximizing Your Social (arriving tomorrow!) And I just wanted to know if it covers all social media platforms well enough, or if I should also get my hands on your more focused books/audio books (eg, Maximizing Linkedin)?

    Thanks for all your worldly wisdom – and for replying to my persistent tweets!


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      Hey Konrad – thanks for comment! Yes, when I’m in Japan, I listen to a lot of audio on the trains as well, so I totally see the similarity.

      Thanks for buying Maximize Your Social! It covers all of the platforms – but, obviously, if you want to go deeper on any particular platform, you should check out my two LinkedIn books 😉

      Very much looking forward to your feedback!


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