How Employee Advocacy and Social Selling Need Alignment Between Sales and Marketing Teams to Succeed – Podcast Ep. 95

How Employee Advocacy and Social Selling Need Alignment Between Sales and Marketing Teams to Succeed - Podcast Ep. 95

For many companies, the time has come to encourage employee advocacy and get your sales team active on social. Back when I was working as a B2B sales executive, I was inspired by the Japanese tradition of omiyage, or souvenir, and tried to bring a valuable nugget of information every time I met with a client. That souvenir today is now content, and social selling will require a lot of it. On this week’s podcast, I talk about social selling and getting your sales and marketing teams to work together: marketing needs to create content for sales, and your sales team has to inform the … [Read more...]

9 Things You Should Focus Your Social Media Efforts On in 2015 – Podcast Ep. 94

9 Things You Should Focus Your Social Media Efforts On in 2015

Where should you focus your social media efforts and budget in 2015? In this episode, Neal Schaffer encourages you to start the year by analyzing your content and process. This means helping you find more places to share your content, explaining the importance of internal education and ownership, and advocating for systems that help you amplify your strategies, like paid social and automation. Subscribe on iTunes | Stitcher | SoundCloud In This Episode: Content: With the convergence of information and communication, brands need good content that encourages engagement in 2015. Is your … [Read more...]

CEOs: Employee Advocacy Gives You a Second Chance to Get Social

CEOs: Employee Advocacy Gives You a Second Chance to "Get" Social

Much has been said about the need for CEOs to be more active in social media and how few of them are. It is safe to say that in 2015, social media, as a medium that is being consumed by the public in one form or another, is as mainstream of a media as television, radio, traditional media, and the Internet are. CEOs and executives shouldn't be on social media because someone told them they had to, and they certainly don't need to participate as often as I might. However, it is a strategic enough media that the leadership in any enterprise or company large or small should at least have a general … [Read more...]

How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Content

How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Content

Whether you are jumping on the content marketing bandwagon or are trying to figure out a way to leverage all of the digital assets that your company has acquired over the years, the next problem after content creation will be in the actual promotion of your content. How do you get the word out to your customers as well as prospective clients? Obviously, you begin by organically promoting it to your current client base through your website, newsletter, or whatever social media properties you might own. The reach of your website and newsletter, however, will be limited to your current … [Read more...]

The Secret to Getting Content Featured in LinkedIn Pulse

The Secret to Getting Content Featured in LinkedIn Pulse #linkedin #contentmarketing

Is LinkedIn a critical tool for your business’ marketing? Discover the best practices on how to use LinkedIn as a professional as well as representing your business. Furthermore, learn how you can possibly get your content featured on LinkedIn’s publishing site called LinkedIn Pulse. Podcast #76 talks about the secret to do exactly that – increase your content’s value and get visibility in LinkedIn Pulse. The competition may be high but syndicating blog posts within LinkedIn is possible! You might wake up and see your most recent post get featured and shared within the demographics your … [Read more...]

#H2H and Your Social Media Strategy

@NealSchaffer will speak on the topic of #H2H and your social media strategy on this free webinar.

I'm looking forward to presenting on a free webinar with Bryan Kramer, author of There is No B2B or B2C: It's Human to Human: #H2H, relating his book to my own thoughts regarding corporate social media strategy. Whenever I present on social media, I always talk about how social media strategy is half science and half art. Maximize Your Social was my attempt at describing the science that goes into a social media strategy. The art, however, is something that needs to be applied by every business for their unique situation and business objectives. There is another aspect concerning the … [Read more...]

How to Apply for Early Access for the New LinkedIn Publishing Platform

how to apply early access LinkedIn publishing platfform

One of the most exciting new developments this year in social media marketing has been the release of the new LinkedIn publishing platform to the public. I've already blogged about how I recommend you use the new LinkedIn publishing platform as well as created a how-to video showing you step-by-step instructions of how to create your first post, which I will embed here for you to view if you haven't seen it already:   Most that have already published on the platform have been pleasantly surprised by the number of views that your content will receive. I have received thousands of … [Read more...]

How I Help Companies Create a Unique Social Media Strategy Plan

how to create social media strategy

Just as social media permeates every corporate discipline and industry, so will every social media strategy plan created by any given company be unique to their business objectives, internal resources, culture, as well as many other factors. Hopefully readers of my blog will have already realized that there is no cookie cutter approach to any of this, so if someone offers you a downloadable social media strategy just by answering a few questions, you should be running for the hills - fast. I receive a lot of inquiries from companies as to how I work with them vis a vis helping them create a … [Read more...]

How to Use the New LinkedIn Publishing Platform

linkedin mountain view headquarters

Today I was finally given access to the new LinkedIn publishing platform, and as a result published my first post on the new platform in the same day entitled "How Will YOU Use the LinkedIn Publishing Platform?" To all those who have asked me how they can apply to be an Influencer on LinkedIn, the answer is now clear: Share your expertise and let the LinkedIn community decide. (Note: Every LinkedIn user will be able to access the platform soon, and when you can, LinkedIn will send you an email telling you as such and a pencil icon will appear in your status update box that you press to start … [Read more...]

So, You Want to Become a Social Media Speaker?

how do i become a social media speaker

I get asked by a lot of other social media professionals as to how to become a paid social media speaker, so I thought I would spend a minute to respond to a friend in blog post form so that I could share my thoughts with all of my blog readers. Being able to speak at conferences or in front of large numbers of people depends on a variety of factors. Describing my own journey in becoming a social media speaker is a good way at breaking down each of these factors for you to learn from. 1. (Local) Networking My first speaking "engagements" were from people who found me or heard about me … [Read more...]