Why It’s Time to Prune Your LinkedIn Connections – Podcast Ep. 114

Why It's Time to Prune Your LinkedIn Connections

When I first started speaking and blogging about social media, I focused on LinkedIn. But the platform has changed so much since the beginning, and of course our interactions and recommended use of it have evolved too. Today, I’m talking about pruning your LinkedIn connections. Not only is it important to comb through your current connections to edit out people who may not be relevant for you, but it’s also good to have some guidelines for accepting new requests. You want your LinkedIn to be curated so it’s productive, fun, and adds value to your life and business. Subscribe … [Read more...]

My New Video Workshop: Content Marketing for Social – Podcast Ep. 113

My New Video Workshop- Content Marketing for Social

This week on the podcast, I’m sharing a new project with you. In my social media consulting business, I get very broad and occasionally vague requests all the time, and there’s just no way I can help every person that reaches out. So I’ve decided to repackage the content I create for trainings and make it available to more people. The first version of this is a 9-day online video workshop, complete with videos, worksheets, and a forum where I can chat with you. In this week’s episode you can learn more about why I’m starting this project, what this first version will be all about, and how you … [Read more...]

How to Create a System for Your Content Marketing – Podcast Ep. 111

How to create a system for your content marketing

After a whirlwind month of ten speaking engagements in three different countries, I’m back to the podcast. And after talking with people all over the world about social media, today I want to talk about content. We all know how important content is, but with an oversaturated market, it’s important that the content you are creating and sharing is legendary! So why not leverage successful content you’ve already created and used in the past? This week is all about why you should be repurposing old content, and how to best go about using what you’ve already got as part of helping you create a … [Read more...]

How to Generate Leads from Facebook with TabSite – Podcast Ep. 110

How to Generate Leads from Facebook with TabSite

This week, I’m coming to you from Victoria BC, where I’m speaking at Social Media Camp. Of course, I’ve run into my friend Mike Gingerich of TabSite. TabSite is a great tool that helps you run contests and capture leads, mostly on Facebook, but also on the web. It integrates with tons of common platforms like MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Canva, and Hootsuite, and it’s so easy to use. It’s a great way to grow your following, get shared on social networks, and engage with people. Subscribe on iTunes | Stitcher | SoundCloud | RSS In This Episode: As you know, I always recommend a social … [Read more...]

My Best Social Media Advice? Ignore Everyone’s Social Media Advice. – Podcast Ep. 109

My Best Social Media Advice? Ignore Everyone's Social Media Advice.

I’m coming to you this week from the Women’s Business Symposium, sponsored by Comerica Bank, and benefitting Girls, Inc. Last week, I held the event that I’ve been talking about for months, the Social Tools Summit. It really got me thinking about why it’s important to be unique in the world of business and social media. When I was planning the summit, I got lots of social media advice from my peers about how I should run the event. Yes, it’s good to listen to advice from peers and role models, but it’s also good to know that you don’t always have to take that advice. And, in fact, there's a … [Read more...]

The Value of Content Curation with Curata – Podcast Ep. 108

The Value of Content Curation with Curata #SocialTools15

Today I’m talking with Pawan Deshpande, the CEO and Founder of Curata. We discuss Curata on the eve of the Social Tools Summit in Boston. Curata provides tools that help marketers curate content and publish it to many channels, as well as provide analytics, best practices, and machine learning to make content curation and creation easier and more effective. Curata can schedule content, build posts from relevant metadata, and even suggest images. Pawan also discusses the company’s history, the value of content curation, and the future of content curation and creation convergence. Subscribe … [Read more...]

Creating Employee Advocates with GaggleAMP – Podcast Ep 107

Creating Employee Advocates with GaggleAMP #SocialTools15

Today I’m talking with Glenn Gaudet, the CEO and Founder of GaggleAMP. This tool helps companies and social media manager create employee advocates within their companies, and makes it easy for employees to share company-created social posts. We discuss how employee advocacy has grown, and how you can get started doing employee advocacy if you haven’t tried it yet. Glenn will be present at the Social Tools Summit in just a few weeks and also hosts AMPlify, the employee advocacy conference, directly after the Social Tools Summit in Boston. Subscribe on iTunes | Stitcher | SoundCloud | … [Read more...]

Using Simply Measured to Drive Social Media ROI with Measuring and Planning – Podcast Ep. 106

Using Simply Measured to Drive Social Media ROI

Today I’m discussing an amazing tool that is used by serious social media marketers everywhere, Simply Measured. I’m talking to Ron Schott, the Director of the Professional Services Team at Simply Measured. This tool helps big brands and small companies alike reap the benefits of social media by understanding their analytics and planning future social media tactics based on the measuring and reporting that Simply Measured provides. The tool also has the ability to track competitors and market sectors, plus so much more. These are the kinds of tools I’m excited to introduce you to and … [Read more...]

How Likeable Hub Helps Businesses Capture the Benefits of Social – Podcast Ep. 105

How Likeable Hub Helps Businesses Capture the Benefits of Social

Today I’m introducing you to another social media tool that can help you reap the benefits of the wide world of social: Likeable Hub. I’m talking to Nicole Kroese, the Director of Marketing and Partnerships from Likeable Local, about all the things Likeable Hub can do and how it’s growing and changing. Likeable Local’s mission is to help businesses, especially small businesses, grow with social media. How? It makes it easy to create content with post templates and timely content at your fingertips. It also has metrics, so you can track your likes, looks, and leads generated by your social … [Read more...]